Introduction of Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic Therapy – by Bui Quoc Chau

Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic Therapy is the breakthrough healing method of Vietnam was found on March, 26 1980 in Ho Chi Minh City by the Vietnamese medical researcher Bui Quoc Chau. 

Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic Therapy or Bui Quoc Chau Diagnostic Method was not originate directly from the ancient Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture Method but from Vietnamese folk culture and oral traditions. This Method is the combination of the study of Vietnamese medicine essences, the ancient medicine as well as the modern medicine and the Eastern philosophy. At the beginning of 1980s, Bui Quoc Chau himself did the testimonials of drug addicts who have been treated in Binh Trieu drug addicts centre (in Ho Chi Minh City).

This Method is the practice of diagnosis and treatment on Facial skin and the whole body without any drugs, acupuncture needle or taking pulse. It only uses the specialized medical tools which were also invented by Bui Quoc Chau and his sons such as roller, rake, hammer, probes, electric/battery usage wormwood ... to affect the acupuncture points and corresponding areas on the graph with diseased parts on the body. Therefore, this healing Method is an almost absolutely safe and less-expensive one. 

Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic Therapy has two essential theories: Reflections and Counterparts. 

The Reflections Theory supposes that all human psychological, pathological, and emotional states are expressed on the face and also the body. The face acts as a reflective mirror which systematically and selectively recognize all human matters in both static and dynamic state.

The Counterparts Theory suggests that what is similar or has similar shapes is all interrelated. This theory was derived from the Vietnamese folk language. For example, “Sống mũi” (the bridge of the nose) which is corresponding to “Sống lưng” (backbone) will have mutual effects.

With the credo "make patients into healers themselves", Bui Quoc Chau Diagnostic Method is considered as the most unique healing solution in the world ever.

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